Are you getting blown away by the huge amount of yard work that seems to crop up every autumn? The autumn foliage looks great on the trees but once it starts falling onto your yard, it can be royally annoying. The leaves have to be raked, bagged and tagged for disposal or even mulched to create manure for the next season. Nonetheless, gathering those leaves can be a real backbreaking prospect every year. But this is where a really great gas leaf blower model can ease your pains. There are a huge range of really great gas leaf blower models in the market that work very well but just how do they work and how do you choose the right gas leaf blower for your needs?

Working of a gas leaf blower

All gas leaf blower models work on a centrifugal type fan. This fan will spin the air around a fan and then spit it out at high speeds. This creates a lot of pressure. Some of the better models of gas leaf blowers can create wind speeds of 250mph but you will require pressure as well as speed to get the leaves moved to the right place. Along with pressure, a few gas leaf blower models also have vacuum attachments that will suck up the extra air and leaves and allow them to be bagged inside the machine itself. This will really help you in cleaning out your yard. If you have larger area to clear then it is best to buy gas powered leaf blowers.

Cost of a gas leaf blower

Most gas leaf blower models are heavier as they need a container to hold the gas and oil mixture that starts it off. These models will also cost slightly more at about $200-$400. You will even have to factor in the cost of gas replacement canisters and oil changes to calculate the eventual cost of using the machine. There are many brands and companies that make gas leaf blower models in the market at present like the Ryobi, Homelite, Tanaka etc.

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